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Holistic system analysis supports the machine tool industry in saving energy

Lucas Wintjes, Head of Sales and Industry Sector Management Factory Automation for Bosch Rexroth AG

Lucas Wintjes, Head of Sales and Industry Sector Management Factory Automation for Bosch Rexroth AG

Industry generates around one third of all carbon dioxide emissions in Europe through the energy it consumes. The main consumer of energy is the manufacturing industry. Legal requirements and rising energy prices make this topic the focal point of future investment decisions in the machine tool industry. On the AMB, Bosch Rexroth introduces holistic solutions and products that enable users to save energy without impairing productivity. Lucas Wintjes, Head of Sales and Industry Sector Management Factory Automation for Bosch Rexroth AG says:

„Through rising energy prices and clear political provisions for the production of CO2, the energy efficiency of machine tools is becoming more and more important for manufacturers and operators. Different factors influence the efficiency of machines and facilities. Therefore, a holistic solution approach is needed.

In order to be able to increase the energy efficiency, the industrial companies have to intensively deal with the energy consumption of their production processes. Software tools in combination with machine controls help the engineer to perform exact measurements. The cycle time analyzer tool IndraMotion MTX cta from Rexroth, for example, allows for an application-specific optimization of the motion sequences. IndraMotion MTX ega (Energy Analyzer) displays the energy consumption of machine components, tools and process stages.

A systematic approach in a further analysis is recommended to be able to take all factors into account. As a supplier for all drive and control technologies, Bosch Rexroth offers comprehensive experience regarding electrics, hydraulics, mechanics and pneumatics and can take into account reciprocal effects. With Rexroth 4EE (for Energy Efficiency), the company has developed its own system. It comprises four tools that significantly increase energy efficiency throughout the entire machine and system life-cycle for all drive and control technologies and machine types.: the overall systematic analysis to discover savings potential (Energy System Design); Products and systems optimized for efficiency (Efficient Components); the Recovery, storage and use of previously untapped energy (Energy Recovery) and the use of energy based on demand (Energy on Demand). Variable speed pump drives Sytronix FcP 5000 lower the energy consumption according to cyclical characteristics by 30 to 80 percent and therefore permanently save up to 70 percent of operating costs. With this solutions Rexroth gives machinery manufacturers a decisive edge in energy efficiency and helps them to lower energy.

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