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A10VO and A10VNO axial piston pumps from Rexroth for direct installation in Cummins bus and coach engines

axial piston pumps

The new versions of the A10VO and A10VNO axial piston pumps can be installed directly on the compressor through drive or power take-off on various Cummins engines

Together with engine manufacturer Cummins, Rexroth has developed special versions of the A10VO and A10VNO axial piston pumps, which can be flange-mounted directly to the existing power take-offs on the Cummins ISBe, ISLe, and ISMe (Euro 3/4/5) bus and coach engines.

The introduction of three new versions of the A10VNO and a special A10VO, all part of the Series 53, makes variable pumps of the axial piston type available for the first time for the hydrostatic fan drive in Cummins engines.

The new pumps operate with significantly reduced power consumption thanks to an on-demand fan controller. Compared with belt-driven fans, electromagnetic fan drive clutches, or hydrostatic fan drives with external gear pumps consume five percent less fuel, thereby reducing vehicle operating costs. Another benefit is that at very high outside temperatures greater fan output can be called upon.

The new axial piston fan pumps are all equipped with a through drive for attaching to the FN4 auxiliary steering pump of ZF Lenksysteme GmbH. The steering pump is an ideal addition to the Rexroth fan system kit, consisting of a hydraulic pump and motor, hydraulic oil tank and filter, as well as an electronic control card – all perfectly designed for operating a hydrostatic fan drive in commercial vehicles.

The new version of the A10VO was developed for direct installation on the Knorr-Bremse 225cc and Wabco 250cc air compressor through drive of the ISBe engine series. The new A10VNO can be mounted directly on the Cummins 18.7 single cylinder and the Knorr-Bremse 2W630R twin cylinder air compressor through drive of the ISLe engines, and on the power take-off with SAE B/13 of the ISMe engines.

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