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Multi-Technology: Bringing New Growth to Rexroth

The machine market has announced itself to the entire world as a market on the move, and the result is an accelerated shift in technology. Those who want to keep up with the pace need to respond to changes, ideally remaining one step ahead of development to bring the right products to market at the right time. Speed and efficiency are the key factors in this process. In order to guarantee that its customers have this crucial edge, Bosch Rexroth is currently taking its global capacity for developing multi-technology solutions to new heights and is doubling the number of software and electronics developers it employs.

Machine manufacturers the world over need to cut their time to market, while at the same time facing the problem of having their resources squeezed. The key to having the right machines on the market at the right time lies in the software that links all drive technologies. And it is precisely here where Rexroth is mapping its own unique multi-technology expertise. "Having the software enables machine manufacturers to claw back time via engineering processes. Manufacturers no longer have to contend with the complex interplay of various drive technologies; this is because we map our drive and control expertise in the software," says Dr. Steffen Haack, Factory Automation Sales Manager at Bosch Rexroth AG.

Leading Edge for Quicker Goal Achievement

The automation specialist now wants to plough a decade of leading drive and control expertise into its multi-technology solutions, and in doing so pass its leading edge on to its customers. "To achieve this, we are doubling the number of software and electronics developers that we employ," announced Haack. "There is huge untapped potential for reducing the time to market in terms of software and electronics development."

An international Rexroth team working out of the Lohr, Erbach (Germany), Xian (China), Bangalore (India) and Skofia Loka (Slovenia) locations will now be even more interlinked. Together with product solutions for the global industrial automation market, this team bring in a revenue boost of half a billion euro.

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