ST 005-11 Lohr, 2011-08-31

The Same Core: Flexible Software Speeds up New Machine Tools Developments

Machine manufacturers are beginning to extend their range of machines for new markets. Thousands of programming hours can be saved during work on new developments if the same CNC software core is used for different machine versions.

The globalization of the markets is also having a long-term effect on the machine tools industry. An increasing number of concepts tailored to the needs of the respective markets are being developed, particularly in Asia. Although the vast majority of these machines are manufactured for the local market, the export of Chinese machine tools is increasing — by 31% to USD 1.85 billion in 2010.

Fast Time-to-Market with Rapid Engineering

The first European manufacturers of high-performance machines are therefore starting to extend their range of machines for new markets. The time-to-market is one of the factors that will determine the success or failure of this venture. A deciding factor will be achieving the shortest possible engineering times by accelerating the project planning, programming and commissioning of the machines.

The Rexroth approach allows manufacturers to reduce the level of engineering work required for new developments by up to 90%, as they can adapt and use existing programs.

"Our uniform CNC software can be used for all machines, irrespective of the hardware. This means we can offer our customers a key prerequisite for rapid engineering and therefore rapid access to new markets," says Dr. Steffen Haack, Senior Vice President of Sales, Factory Automation Industry Sector of Bosch Rexroth AG.

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