Lohr a. Main, 2015-04-10

More transparency in production: Assembly and IT are converging

Dr. Steffen Haack, Member of the Executive Board responsible for the Business Unit Industrial Applications and Coordination Sales of the Bosch Rexroth AG

"Increasing flexibility and productivity in assembly are prerequisites for ensuring future competitiveness. Technical implementation requires continuous communication between person, machine and product. Bosch Rexroth, a leading supplier of Industry 4.0 solutions, is also gathering its own application experience for putting these solutions into practice. Assembly and IT are already merging through interactive boards and ActiveCockpit, a communication system for production that has been newly developed by Rexroth.

With Industry 4.0, the next quantum leap in industrial progress has arrived in the production hall. The convergence of production IT and business IT, the synchronization of processes as well as decisions taken autonomously by machines in real time enable efficient, customer-specific manufacturing.

A look at a typical production set-up shows how many different sources of information employees need to consider: they access information about stocks and pending orders on the PC in the supervisor's office, write out status and quality data by hand on various boards and note deadlines individually. They must be proficient in using the user interfaces and must start processes manually to control the production line and the various machines.

In view of this wide variety of data, in 2014 Bosch Rexroth equipped the first Industry 4.0 production lines with digital boards and ActiveCockpit, a communication system for production. The interactive industrial software continuously records all production data and processes, then filters and visualizes them in real time on a touch screen. This provides current data to all persons concerned at the plant, enabling them to take immediate action in terms of quality and improvements. The solution enables comprehensive data tracking at all times, including retrieval and management of availability levels, production times and quantities. ActiveCockpit makes all relevant information immediately available to the line, which saves both time and money and increases productivity."

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