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Linear Guides for Harsh Environments


Linear Bushings rank among the most widely used kinds of linear guide systems. Their special characteristics enable them to operate even in extreme conditions.

Linear Bushings are high-performance, economical and easy-to-install linear guides that are incorporated into machines or automation solutions as well as many applications encountered in everyday life, e.g. train door opening systems. Because of their special characteristics, Linear Bushings from Rexroth provide simplified and low-maintenance solutions, particularly in applications involving extreme conditions.

Resisting temperatures up to 200°C and even higher in verified individual cases, able to withstand shavings and dust, suitable for use under vacuum, corrosion-resistant even in aggressive environments – with these attributes, the linear units are well-suited for use in harsh surroundings.

In environments with exceptionally heavy contamination, such as brick and cement factories or woodworking operations, the best choice is the robust Standard Linear Bushing which is made completely of steel, without any plastic parts. This rugged design is also ideal for applications at high temperatures, e.g. in foundries or heat treatment facilities. To meet the broadest possible range of customer requirements, the product line also includes further Linear Bushing types such as the Segmental, Compact, Super and Torque-Resistant models, and Linear Bushings for Combined Linear and Rotary Motion.

Each Linear Bushing type is available in different sizes and versions and with different sealing systems. The matching precision steel shafts are inductively hardened and ground. Whether in solid or tubular form, made of heat-treated steel, corrosion-resistant or hard chrome plated, these can be used for many different purposes in addition to their main function as guide shafts.

Designers can rapidly find the right Linear Bushing model by using Rexroth’s selection guide table or the new online selection tool which provides concrete solution proposals in response to the entered process parameters:

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