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From Mast Tops to the Deep-Sea Floor

deep-sea test aggregate

The deep-sea test aggregate demonstrates suitability of hydraulic components for deep-sea applications.

Thanks to its worldwide application expertise and comprehensive research and development activities, Rexroth offers system solutions for ships and offshore use - covering everything from ship controls to winch and crane drives, up to hydraulically controlled ship engine injection. Based on this background, Rexroth has modified standard hydraulic components for use in deep-sea equipment and demonstrated their reliability down to 3,000 meters below sea level using a special test aggregate. Rexroth has also expanded its product range for powertrains and ship automation. The automation specialist has added a new alarm and monitoring system to its portfolio of solutions based on products from its comprehensive electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic ranges.

Hydraulics for deep-sea equipment developed and tested by Rexroth

Rexroth is the first to adapt numerous standard components to fit the special requirements for deep-sea applications. These modifications ensure stability and reliability in practice, as well as a long service life. Rexroth's specialists also assist users in designing their hydraulic systems for deep-sea equipment. Using a special test aggregate, which contains all of the essential components, Rexroth was able to demonstrate suitability of its hydraulic components down to 3,000 meters below sea level. Validation is currently underway for depths down to 6,000 meters. The test aggregate is equipped with a water-proof motor/pump assembly that can drive an axial piston motor and hydraulic cylinders via an encapsulated valve control. The hydraulic system comes in a pressure-compensated design.

Innovative hydraulics for ship engines

When it comes to ship engines, Rexroth offers numerous products that have proven themselves over decades and are continually developed further in line with the latest technology. These include pneumatic starter valves, logic control valves, and air preparation units. Innovative hydraulic valves from Rexroth considerably reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. In the latest generation of electronically controlled “ME engines” from MAN Diesel & Turbo, a hydraulic control has replaced the mechanical camshaft. FIVA valves from Rexroth are at the core of the system, influencing the course of the injection and controlling the outlet valve. A robust axial piston pump provides the required flow rate for electrically controlled valves. This system solution has been successfully applied under actual conditions on a commercial ship and fulfills all the requirements of the classification societies.

Winch and crane drives for all your needs

Rexroth’s newly developed compact winch and crane control blocks come into play on deck. During commissioning, they reduce cabling and the number of sealing locations. Winch manufacturers can easily adapt the blocks to their individual functions by mounting the valves differently. During mooring, the control block ensures constant pulling power on the rope and a two-position adjustment of the motor speed. If used as windlass the user can define a specific torque for breakaway of the anchor using a hand lever valve. Our wide range of pumps and engines has been optimized and finely scaled to cover all the required efficiency and performance levels.

Marex: sensitive remote ship control

Rexroth offers remote ship control solutions for the entire range of commercial ships, as well as yachts of all sizes. The modular control and remote control system is based on standardized hardware components that have been optimized for use on the high seas. Modern displays in various formats and joysticks have been added to traditional command transmitters to increase user comfort. The Marex remote ship control from Rexroth can be adapted for use in almost all types of ships and drives. Pre-defined parameters accelerate engineering work substantially. In addition to the usual standard functions, Rexroth’s programmers have also come up with numerous special functions, such as interfaces to autopilots and dynamic positioning systems.

Ship automation from a single source

The latest Marex version, the Marex AMC (Alarm, Monitoring and Control), from Rexroth is a system that facilitates integration of complex monitoring and control processes. The Marex AMC includes numerous additional functions besides monitors and alarms. For example, the system can be expanded to include a marker lights controller and/or a duty alarm system. The marker lights controller is also suitable for LED marker lights and has been approved for commercial shipping by the classification societies. Video signals can also be integrated in the monitoring system. In this case, the cameras are directly installed in the system and can be controlled via the system display or other devices.

The 8” display has a capacitive touchscreen and a high-resolution screen that can also be read in bright sunlight. Buttons can be used to change the display screens or to perform control tasks. Rexroth’s design team can adapt up to 17 customer-specific screens to fit the respective project. This includes integrating application graphics or the customer’s logo in the screen or, if used with a marker lights controller, depiction of the entire ship.

Thanks to its exceptional functions, the possibility to implement customer-specific solutions, and a design that fits seamlessly in the bridge, the Marex AMC more than fulfills the demands for modern ship engineering.

Our application experience in your system solutions

Rexroth has combined all its experience in maritime applications in its marine and offshore industry management. Based on an extensive range of components for electronics, hydraulics, and pneumatics, our specialists use their wide-ranging industry expertise to assist shipbuilders and operators in devising custom system solutions. Original equipment manufacturers and integrators are on hand to assist you from the initial idea to the commissioning phase. Thanks to a global service network, Rexroth also ensures you professional support throughout the world.

Bosch Rexroth AG is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies. Under the brand name of Rexroth the company supplies more than 500,000 customers with tailored solutions for driving, controlling and moving. Bosch Rexroth is a partner for industrial applications and factory automation, mobile applications and using renewable energies. As The Drive & Control Company, Bosch Rexroth develops, produces and sells components and systems in more than 80 countries. In 2009 Bosch Rexroth part of the Bosch Group, achieved sales of around 4.1 billion Euro with 34,200 employees.

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