ST 001-12 Lohr, 2012-02-20

Hygienic design for triple safety

“Food is the foundation of our lives and handling it requires the greatest care, particularly when it comes to industrial packaging. Extremely high demands are placed on automation and handling components used in the food and beverage industry. A hygienic design, high-quality materials with special surface features, and the right selection of machine components for the respective hygienic areas are all of the utmost importance. This particularly applies to areas where the machine can come into contact with food during production.

When developing automation components for the food and packaging industry, Bosch Rexroth not only fulfills the usual industry requirements. In addition to complying with statutory regulations regarding permissible materials or the use of lubricants, our systematic approach also enhances energy efficiency, and our extensive industry and application know-how ensures food safety thanks to hygienic designs.

Whether you need pneumatic grippers made of PEEK, EHEDG-certified valve systems in protection category IP69K, corrosion-resistant cylinders, or stainless steel maintenance units: All of the components in Rexroth’s program are perfectly matched and can be combined to fulfill the special requirements for food processing, as well as primary, secondary, or final packaging. Using a variety of standard components or customized parts and systems, we can determine the right handling solution for your specific task, whether it is non-contact gripping and transporting of delicate baked goods or packaging of meat products.

Bosch Rexroth’s cooperation with the EHEDG, annual checks of EHEDG criteria, and certification of relevant products all assure machine manufacturers that they are using components with a hygienic design. As a result, users know that their system has the ideal equipment, whether they need individual components or complete pneumatics systems. In short, Bosch Rexroth’s industry expertise provides triple safety: For our machine manufacturing customers, the packaging industry, and, last but not least, end users who want to enjoy perfectly processed and packaged food.


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