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Highest possible efficiency in any configuration

axiaol piston units

These new axial piston units offer a wide range of combination options for one-, two- or four- quadrant operation.

Newly developed axial piston units for energy efficient drives with variable input speed

The well proven axial piston units of the Rexroth A10-product family were further developed for the use in energy efficient variable speed drives and for an optimized interaction between electric motor and pump. The exceptionally robust and reliable units are used for small to medium size drives and can fulfill customized requirements due to their numerous combination options.

Variable-speed pump drives (VsP) with Rexroth BlueHydraulics Technology reduce the energy consumption in industrial applications considerably while at the same time lowering the mean noise level. The usual performance can be maintained or can even be improved. The comprehensive range of various Rexroth variable-speed pump drives comprises in functionality and power, finely tuned, ready to use solutions. Next to the use of internal gear pumps, the energy efficient pump drives are also achieved with fixed and variable axial piston pumps. Equipped with a suitable controller, the drives can supply exactly the amount of flow and pressure as needed by the machine.

The proven axial piston units were recently further developed and optimized for the use in variable speed drives. They are released for Start/Stop-operation and designed for bi-directional rotation. Even at very low speeds between 0 and 200rpm, the units feature a very high efficiency and are therefore extremely suitable for pressure holding operations.

Depending on the requirements of the operating cycle, the efficiency improvement was achieved with fixed or variable displacement units. The A10-units can be used as pumps or motors in one-, two-, or four-quadrant operation.

For the use in variable speed drives the new axial piston units offer numerous configuration options. The fixed axial piston units A10FZO and A10FZG cover the displacement sizes from 6 to 63cm³. The variable axial piston units are available in the displacement sizes 10 to 63cm³ (A10VZG) or even up to 180cm³ (A10VZO). Equipped with a torque controller and 2-point displacement control they are used for the rating of smaller servo motors. Through the numerous combination options it is possible to fulfill the most diverse customized system requirements.

Bosch Rexroth AG is one of the leading drive and control technology specialists worldwide. Under the brand name of Rexroth the company supplies more than 500,000 customers with tailored solutions for driving, controlling and moving. Bosch Rexroth is a partner for industrial applications and factory automation, mobile applications and using renewable energies. As The Drive & Control Company, Bosch Rexroth develops, produces and sells components and systems in more than 80 countries. In 2009, the company of the Bosch Group with its 34.200 employees generated sales amounting to about EUR 4,1 bn.

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