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IndraMotion MTX micro Compact Series a Real Success

IndraMotion MTX

IndraMotion MTX micro: More power for applications on standard lathe and milling machines

SERCOS III - Communication for Additional Axes and New Functions

Just one year after its market launch, Rexroth has opened up new areas of application for its MTX micro compact CNC system by means of technical developments. In addition to a SERCOS III interface and improved commissioning functions, higher power data also make the system ideal for new applications.

Up to three additional drives from the IndraDrive product portfolio can be operated as full NC axes on the compact multi-axis controller using the precise, high performance SERCOS III real-time communication system. Rexroth has therefore extended the range of applications for the MTX micro to include machines with up to six drives. This means, for example, compact or modular IndraDrive controllers for spindle drives with high power and mains feed-in capacity can be connected. The IndraDrive Cs compact series is an example of additional low power axes which can be connected. These additional axes achieve the full functionality of integral axis controller and even go beyond it as a result of the fast, precisely synchronized real-time communication via SERCOS III: The IndraDrive firmware options, for example, allow additional direct measurement systems, the use of the complete Rexroth motor range or additional axis error correction.

New functions and more power

The latest software version makes the MTX micro even more user-friendly. Lots of commissioning functions such as axis commissioning and backing up/reproducing the controller and drive data are now possible using the control panel. This reduces commissioning times to a minimum. Graphic input masks enable the intuitive programming of technology cycles and make the wearisome reading of input parameters superfluous.

The MTX micro also offers more in terms of performance and precision. For example, the limits of the block-look-ahead has been increased to 1000 blocks to ensure that complex workpieces can be processed particularly efficiently. The power density of the compact 3-axis controller version has been increased by yet another 25%. The higher design power of the MTX micro means that it can be used to achieve the low cost automation of applications which impose greater demands on the torque of the NC axes, for example for more dynamic axis movements.

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