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Pneumatic Handling Components in a hygienic Design

NCT transport unit

The NCT transport unit operates according to the Bernoulli principle and solves the most difficult handling problems, even in the food industry.

Rexroth meets the demands of the food and packaging industry with components made of high-performance plastics

  • NCT transport unit now also in PEEK for use in the food industry
  • CL03 valve terminal system in protection class IP69K with EHEDG certification

The stringent machine equipment requirements of the food and packaging industry necessitate components that fulfill specific demands for hygienic design while guaranteeing process reliability. Rexroth provides pneumatic components for all areas of the food and packaging industry, even for wash-down applications.

With the NCT transfer system from Rexroth, porous or air-permeable objects, as well as soft materials or highly sensitive workpieces, can be easily and gently lifted and transported. The gripper in the NCT series from Rexroth functions according to the Bernoulli principle: the air flow beneath the device generates a pressure differential and thus a lifting force between the transport unit and object. This allows workpieces to be lifted and moved with virtually no surface contact. The NCT transport unit provides the perfect solution for difficult handling tasks, for instance for moving thin or sensitive materials or hard-to-grip objects.

In addition to the aluminum version for general handling functions, the NCT is now also available in PEEK. This material expands the potential applications of the NCT to areas where aluminum components are not suitable. Resistance to chemicals, conventional solvents, acids, salts, and oil are properties that make the NCT an ideal handling component for both the packaging and food industries. FDA and EG-approved materials guarantee the safe use of these components, even when in direct contact with food products. A low friction coefficient and high resistance to wear ensure a long service life and hygienic handling.

An additional bonus of the device: a machine with mechanical grippers can be easily converted to the Rexroth transport unit, since the NCT does not require a vacuum generator, unlike other devices that operate using vacuum pressure. The product is available in a series with different designs and four sizes; the strongesThe CL03 valve terminal system’s design and specific materials successfully withstood tests to measure resistance to a wide range of cleaning chemicals. The valve housing was designed in line with hygienic criteria to avoid joints, grooves, or gaps. Classified in the high protection class IP69K, this valve terminal system is ideal for cleaning at high pressure and at high temperatures. Dirt deposits and related risks of contamination can thus be avoided. This allows the system to be used in areas where direct contact with food products is an issue. The CL03 valve terminal system has a modular design and comes in many different variants, including field bus connection. t NCT features a lifting force of up to 0.9 kg.

Also predestined for applications in the food and packaging industry: the CL03 valve terminal system, developed by Rexroth with specific attention to the strict criteria in this industry. The CL03 was awarded EHEDG certification in January 2010, making it the first ever valve terminal system to achieve this distinction.

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