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For many applications, the external gear pump SILENCE PLUS from Rexroth eliminates the need for seco

For many applications, the external gear pump SILENCE PLUS from Rexroth eliminates the need for secondary noise reduction measures.

External gear pump SILENCE PLUS from Rexroth lowers noise levels by an average of 15 dB(A)

Throughout the entire pressure range of up to 280 bar, Rexroth's new external gear pump SILENCE PLUS reduces noise emissions by an average of 15 dB(A) compared to conventional external gear pumps. In lower pressure ranges of under 50 bar used in coolant, filter and lubricant cycles, it runs almost without noise. For many applications, this eliminates the need for secondary noise reduction measures. In addition, Rexroth also moved the measurably reduced noise into a lower frequency range.

Field tests have shown that at lower pressure ranges, the increase in noise emission from the electric motor caused by the pump is barely noticeable. At a working pressure of 10 bar, airborne noise increases by only 3dB(A) from 52db(A) to 55dB(A). In addition, by moving the noise into a 35 percent lower frequency range, its pitch is close to that of the electric motor. The result: A low-pitched ambient working noise that is much more pleasant compared to other external gear pumps.

The design prevents oil from getting trapped between the tooth flanks, and reduces pressure pulsation in the system by around 75 percent. This reduces body-borne noise throughout the entire hydraulic cycle. The new pump seamlessly complements Rexroth's broad spectrum of pumps. Having identical mounting dimensions, it is fully compatible with the other pump models of Rexroth's standard and SILENCE series, and therefore enables users to exchange pumps without having to make any design changes.

The high-precision external gear pump ensures full-surface zero-clearance dual-flank contact in all areas of the gears. The pump's helical gearing with a non-involute tooth profile creates a closed line of contact in the form of the figure 8. The first variant includes nominal sizes with a performance range of 12 to 28 cm³/revolution.

The extremely quiet hydraulic pump is especially well-suited for use in tool and paper-cutting machines, passenger elevators and car lifts as well as material handling or waste presses in residential areas. Depending on the application, the SILENCE PLUS pumps also complement the range of pumps used in Rexroth's variable-speed pump drives which reduce the energy consumption of hydraulic power units by up to 80 percent.

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