PN 001-11 2011-06-08

Flying Norwegian Cuts Consumption by up to 50%

Gliding over the water instead of moving through it: the innovative ASV motor yacht from Norwegian shipbuilder Effect Ships International combines sporty elegance with an energy-efficient air cushion hull system. The result: The same performance with half the engine power and a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 50%. The Norwegian company has developed a special hull for this purpose. The bow and the sides form a "U" shape around a cavity. A moveable flap at the stern closes this space from behind as soon as the high-performance hydraulically driven fan, which has a one-meter diameter and operates at 1850 rpm, has built up an air cushion beneath the yacht. Only the narrow bow and side sections remain in direct contact with the water. This reduces the water resistance to such an extent that the ASV operates with half of the engine power typically required by this class. Right from the start of the project, the Norwegian engineers have had the support of automation specialist Bosch Rexroth, which has established itself in Scandinavia as one of the leading suppliers of equipment for maritime applications and off-shore platforms. The company, which is active in more than 80 countries worldwide, developed a customized complete solution including hydraulics and pneumatics as well as an electronic control. The yacht has brought the fuel savings calculated in simulations into reality, and is just the start for the Norwegian technology provider. Effect Ships International is now planning to transfer the patented design to large commercial ships too.


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