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Industry 4.0 – Assembly and linear motion technology make an important contribution

Stefan Schmitz, technical head of linear motion technology at Bosch Rexroth AG

Industry 4.0 – Assembly and linear motion technology make an important contribution

“The development towards Industry 4.0 is in a fast pace. Increasingly connected concepts with decentralized intelligence, autonomous behavior and context connection in real time are making their way into practice based on open interfaces. Bosch Rexroth promotes this development also in the field of assembly and linear motion technology.

In connection with electric drives and controls, for example, linear motion technology enables start-up of axes to any position, which is a precondition for the application in versatile productions. In the process, we also combine our linear motion systems with IT technology. Dedicated apps support maintenance, reduce commissioning times or enable programming or operation of linear axes in real time.

Our integrated measurement system combines measurement sensor and analysis electronics with ball and roller rail systems. This way, all positions can be recorded precisely and in real time, which is crucial for direct processing of drive and control data.

If collected manufacturing data can also be filtered, prepared and visualized in real time, the production process profits from reduced failure times and increased process efficiency. In the field of assembly, this can be achieved thanks to the interactive production information system ActiveCockpit. On a large touchscreen, responsible personnel on site is provided an overview of all relevant characteristics to be able to initiate quick solution processes as necessary.

Thanks to state-of-the-art monitoring and analysis solutions like the Process Quality Manager, production-wide process data can be monitored and documented in real time. This enables transparent visualization of crucial quality properties like tightening torques and tolerances in assembly to quickly react to potential irregularities in the production process.

The consistent and economical application of the spirit of Industry 4.0 in linear motion and assembly technology requires components with decentralized intelligence as well as drive and control systems consistently supported by open interfaces and communication standards.

Bosch Rexroth has early on taken the required steps and is already today and in the long term the right partner for Industry 4.0.”


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