Largest tidal power plant in the world with hydraulics from Bosch Rexroth

Largest tidal power plant in the world with hydraulics from Bosch Rexroth

In the world's largest tidal power plant Sihwa-ho in the Republic of Korea, ten pipe turbines create an electrical output of 254 megawatts with the help of Bosch Rexroth turbine regulating units. This quantity of electricity, created with no emissions, corresponds to that used by a city with half a million inhabitants.

And the power plant wasn't even originally in the plans. The South Korean government had constructed a dam in the bay, located on the country's west coast near Seoul, as a land reclamation project with a fresh water lake. However, the water quality in the coastal lagoon became so poor that it was necessary to allow for a water exchange with the ocean. The national water authorities decided to combine the needed project with something useful: if they were going to have to drill holes in the 12.7 kilometer long dam, then these could also be used to generate power.

Under the general contractor Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co., Andritz Hydro delivered ten pipe turbines. To regulate water flow for the turbines, Bosch Rexroth acted as a systems partner, constructing and producing ten custom-made hydro power units for turbine regulating within one year in Austria. These units adjust the guide vanes and runner blades of the turbines so that the turbines are producing the maximum output over the entire tidal range (up to 8 meters). The Rexroth aggregates use a biodegradeable hydraulic fluid that places unique service life requirements on the components.

The hydroelectric power station hasn't just been reliably delivering electricity since its commissioning in 2011, it's also restored the original water quality level, allowing a quarter of the water in the lagoon to be exchanged during every tide.

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