PN 008-12 2012-09-25

From Plant to Office: Design Students Put EcoShape in a New Context

A shelf is a shelf. But is that all there is to it? A shelf made using the EcoShape tubular framing system can be easily altered or extended when needed using screws and plugs. You can even use the system to create something completely new: The standard parts of the system are rods and fasteners that are so flexible that they can be assembled into individual manual workstations or entire assembly lines. Students at the L’Ensci les Ateliers school of industrial design in Paris have also discovered what EcoShape can offer and have found a new use for the Rexroth product. The designers took a system that works in an industrial context and adapted it to the demands of an everyday office environment. Using 30 straight rods and 50 connectors, the students designed a flexible office workspace that can be extended, modified, dismantled and transported as required. Their idea was to put the EcoShape system to a different use and employ it new areas, using it to create designer objects for everyday use.

More information about the design school is available at:

Design : ENSCI Les Ateliers - Paris

Photo : studio photo ENSCI - V. Huyghe


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