PN 009-12 2012-11-15

Stable Power Supply

The La Yesca hydroelectric power plant in Mexico – with a nominal power output of 750 MW, two generators produce an average of 1210 GWh of electricity per hour – was officially opened early in November 2012. This is enough to power the Mexican federal entity of Nayarit for one and a half years.

The major La Yesca hydroelectric power project is designed to produce the energy that Mexico requires for economic growth but with a minimal impact on the environment. The dam is located on the Santiago River, 105 km northwest of Guadalajara. It is part of the Santiago hydroelectric power project, which includes a variety of energy production projects. Some 1.3 billion dollars have been invested in the construction project. The size of the dam is particularly impressive: Standing at 208.5 meters tall, La Yesca is the second-highest concrete face embankment-type dam in the world – beaten only by the 233-meter high Shuibuya Dam in China.

The drive technology installed in La Yesca features state-of-the-art components. Hydraulic cylinders and power units, mechanical distance measuring systems and power and control cabinets are just some of the elements with which Rexroth contributes to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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