Robust down to the smallest detail

Constant vibrations, harsh shocks ― and all in arctic cold and tropical heat. In surface mining, hydraulics by Rexroth has proven to be extremely robust and durable in adverse conditions such as these. This is because bucket wheel excavators from TAKRAF, which are up to 500 meters long and up to 14,000 metric tons in weight, work reliably with it for decades. From the hydraulic units to the valves and cylinders, right through to the sensors and switches, Rexroth has designed and tested all components for arduous use such as this. This is also the case for the lightweight, 800 gram pressure switch HED8. If the infinitely adjustable spring force of up to 630 bar is reached, a switch causes an electrical circuit to be switched on or off. The switching accuracy fluctuates by less than +/- one percent. Rexroth has constructed the switch to withstand at least five million switching processes. Thanks to this robustness, hydraulics is the most efficient drive technology with a long service life for bucket wheel excavators or steel and rolling mills as well as for paper and sugar mills.

Copyright image: TAKRAF


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