PN 010-12 2012-12-12

As stable at sea as it is on land

Anyone who has ever tried pouring a coffee while at sea knows how difficult it is not spill any. A much bigger challenge is to place several tons of heavy components from wind energy plants in offshore wind farms onto towers up to 100 meters tall. In this situation, even small waves cause the components on the crane to rock backwards and forwards within a radius of 30 meters or more. The fledgling Dutch company Barge Master has now discovered an amazing solution to this problem: A moveable platform links the crane with the hull of the ship that, keeping the crane as upright as if it were on dry land despite the waves. In addition, three hydraulic cylinders located between the hull and the crane offset the three-dimensional movement of the water. As engineering partner, Bosch Rexroth designed the complex drive and control solution for this so-called "wave compensation", tested the solution in advance by means of simulations and supplied all of the components. The first of many ships equipped with the Barge Master platform will safely and smoothly lift and lower up to 160 tons of heavy-duty components off the coast of Europe later this year.


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