, 2016-09-27

Tricking the waves

If you've ever got on a ship from a landing stage, you'll know the problem. Even if the water is relatively calm, you need to be steady on your feet. In shallow waters it's not so much of an issue. But it's a different story on the high seas. When meter-high waves cause the ship to violently bounce up and down, crossing over to an oil rig, for example, can be extremely dangerous. In cooperation with Bosch Rexroth, Barge Master has now developed a gangplank that compensates for the movements of a ship and allows staff and cargo to get across safely even in rough seas. This is made possible by ultra-fast sensors and complex technology that compensates for waves up to four and a half meters high by means of counter-movements. According to the manufacturer, crossing over via the gangplank is safer and more reliable than with a helicopter.

Bargemaster Gangway

Photo Credit: Barge Master


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