, 2016-10-04

Never again an unplanned machine downtime

It is a well-worn Hollywood plot: artificial intelligence makes machines more and more independent until the day comes when they begin to attack their creators. There is a war and the survival of humanity is at stake. A study recently published by Stanford University is reassuring. According to the experts, artificial intelligence is not a threat to humanity at the moment. But what is behind the mysterious intelligence that has caused so much controversy? Already today, many systems from daily life make use of the discipline. When you ask your mobile phone about the weather, for example, or an online shop suggests a book that fits your taste exactly, you are using artificial intelligence. Industry too is increasingly recognizing the potential of machine learning and is beginning to make use of it. With precise forecasts, systems can be serviced exactly when necessary and before a machine malfunctions. Or established processes can be made leaner with new knowledge. The basis in all fields of application is the same: enormous amounts of data.

However, "only collecting data is insufficient," says Dr. Steffen Haack, Member of the Executive Board at Bosch Rexroth. Rather, data is the prerequisite for obtaining valuable information that creates added value. This can succeed if data is collected, networked together intelligently, analyzed and the right conclusions are drawn, as quickly and as comprehensively as possible.


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