, 2016-10-18

Nothing to see, smell or hear

Garbage bins and containers are rarely an attractive thing to look at in residential areas. An alternative is a centrally located disposal station. It offers real advantages: a reduction in traffic due to large garbage trucks and the associated noise and exhaust emissions in residential areas and a dramatic decrease in transport costs for garbage disposal companies – in high density areas the savings potential is up to 50 percent. However, acceptance among residents for the use of such stations, which strongly compress trash, is crucial.

For this reason, manufacturers such as PÖTTINGER are working on producing garbage compactors that are attractive to look at, produce minimal odors and are as quiet as possible. The external geared pump SILENCE PLUS from Rexroth, which is used in the garbage compactors from PÖTTINGER, is making an important contribution towards this goal. It generates the pressure for the working hydraulics extremely quietly and thus takes the sensitivity of residents to noise into consideration. At around 60 decibels, the compacting process produces about the same amount of noise as a conversation. Together with the futuristic design of the stations, which are customized to fit into the neighborhood, the quiet technology is a decisive plus for garbage disposal companies.

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