PN 001-13 2013-01-08

Scientific trailblazers

How do plants react to aridness, moisture, or pathogens? What are the impacts of genetic engineering, the environment, and biochemical processes on plants? These questions may not have much to do with a green thumb, but they have a lot to do with science.

To find the right answers, conditions in research greenhouses must be precisely controllable and reproducible. And a transfer system from Rexroth makes that possible. It transports the plants along predefined tracks through the greenhouse, which is over 30 meters long. This ensures that all of the plants are exposed to the same light and temperature conditions.

Researchers make important findings using specially designed lightproof cabins equipped by Rexroth with an integrated lift-turning unit as well as weighing and watering stations. The installed image processing and analysis systems also enable researchers to make important findings, that are, for example, necessary to ensure that the world's population can be fed.


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