PN 004-13 2013-02-28

Long ride, short downtimes

When taking the subway in Vienna, there's a high probability of finding Rexroth technology along the way. To date, the drive and control specialist has equipped a total of 44 trains with pneumatics components out of the new 6-part V-type vehicle generation developed by Siemens. Control blocks and control cabinets are used for controlling the brake cylinders and regulating the pneumatic suspension.

The heart of it all is a control block weighing about 70 kilograms, which, above all, features ease of maintenance. A total of 12 of these control blocks are built into one train and ensure a reliable, secure braking system thanks to a number of pneumatic valves. When necessary, technicians for the Wiener Linien can quickly and easily replace each valve themselves. This guarantees short servicing times and saves money.

Since the beginning of the collaboration in 2004, the trains equipped with Rexroth technology have traveled over 19 million kilometers across Vienna and back. By 2017, another 17 new trains will be added due to the expansion of the subway network as well as the replacement of older subway trains from the 1970s.



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