PN 006-13 2013-04-23

International Noise Awareness Day: Quiet hydraulic pump protects residents and patients

Container compactors that compact waste start up several times a day – and that means noise. That noise can be especially disruptive in the vicinity of hospitals, care facilities, and in residential areas. To address this issue, Bosch Rexroth has developed a hydraulic pump for mobile container compactors that reduces noise by 15 dB(A) on average in relation to comparable pumps.

Hydraulically driven container compactors automatically compact waste volumes in containers by up to 80 percent. The result is more space for trash in containers and up to four fewer transport trips – in addition to the CO2 emissions caused by transport. The new Silence Plus hydraulic pump from Rexroth combines climate protection with a significant noise reduction for individuals near container compactors.

There are two sources of airborne noise during the compaction process: operating noise from the electric motor and the pump itself. The Rexroth pump only amplifies the electric motor operating noise by 3 dB(A) at a pressure of 10 bar. For humans, that is barely discernible. Even better: Bosch Rexroth developers specifically reduced noise frequency to sound more sonorous and make it more appealing to the ear.

In addition to container presses, the quiet hydraulic pump is being used more and more in mobile machines, such as construction machinery or forklifts. Manufacturers often avoid taking necessary quieting measures to adhere to threshold values. A Youtube video offers an impression of the noise reduction – simply search for „Silence Plus.”

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