PI 066-13n 2013-07-05

Surfing and water-skiing with motion simulation

Whether it's stormy, windless, or simply no vacation time: if you like to water ski or surf with a variety of boards - with motion simulation technology in Buthiers near Paris, France, you can now go all out, all year long, without any risks. Developed by the French company MADEAconcept SAS, the motion simulation technology recognizes the position and movement of the athletes. Precisely calculated for just this purpose, jets press the appropriate volume of water underneath the boards or water skis and offer a realistic fun and experience. The closed water cycle ensures low water and energy consumption. MADEAconcept activates and regulates the water supply under the boards by using pneumatic cylinders and valves by Rexroth Pneumatics. The company, which also offers mobile versions of the motion simulation technology, uses aluminum strut profiles by Rexroth for the basic design.

Copyright: MADEAconcept


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