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Grand Duke supported the Rexroth brothers 200 years ago

Exactly 200 years ago, one of the cornerstones of today's company Bosch Rexroth was laid. The promotion of iron mills and ironworks was a particular concern of Grand Duke Carl Theodor von Dalberg. By signing a perpetual lease contract (the so-called “Erbbestandsbrief”) on 25 August 1813, the Grand Duke enabled the Rexroth brothers to construct a new ironworks in Lichtenau in the Spessart region of Germany. In 1850, Georg Ludwig Rexroth II moved the main plant to its present headquarters in Lohr am Main.

Along with a good source of income by selling wood to the energy-hungry forges, the newly erected ironworks also promised the state a way out of the increasing impoverishment of the population. When leasing the land, the sovereign had already called for responsible corporate leadership: “The goods must be received in good standing according to economic principles...”

Government insiders might already have had an inkling that the Grand Duchy of Frankfurt (to which the Spessart region belonged at the time) would no longer exist four months later and that most of it would fall to the Kingdom of Bavaria. Despite all the political upheavals, Georg Ludwig Rexroth I was able, after the construction of the ironworks, to start production in 1824, and two years later, he was able to hand the management over to his son of the same name. The rest is history.


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