Bosch Connected World 2019

Bosch Connected World 2019

Bosch Connected World - Factory of the Future Live


The famous desk is ready, our guests are raring to go, the audience anticipation is growing… the lights flash, the DJ starts playing and on walks our host Rolf Najork. Our Factory of the Future LIVE experience at the Bosch Connected World has begun!


Don‘t miss an informative and engaging Saturday Night Live style presentation of our journey towards the future way of manufacturing. We will show you how the Next and Beyond is already being delivered Now.


Special guests include:

  • Stephen Beyer, BigRep
  • Alexi Belinsky, CTrl2Go - LocoTech
  • Thomas Fechner, Senior Vice President New Business
  • Joerg Klingler, Senior Vice President Manufacturing Technology, Systems and Data Bosch Automotive Electronics
  • Sven Hamann, Senior Vice President Bosch Connected Industry
  • Dr. Matthias Meier, Head of Software and Systems Engineering for Production Automation