EuroBLECH 2014


Innovative Drive & Control Solutions for Forming Machine Tools and Presses

A broad range of applications is dealing with the forming and shearing of sheet metal. Bosch Rexroth offers custom-tailored and future-proof solutions that exactly meet your requirements. Your benefit: We consistently take advantage of our cross-industry multi-technological experience, in order to realize ground-breaking innovations. Increase your productivity, energy- and cost-efficiency with Bosch Rexroth solutions.

Rexroth does not only offer you an extraordinary range of future-proof system solutions and components. We also support you with our engineering expertise and find means for you to stay ahead of your competitors for many years with cost-efficient upgrades.

Come and see us in Hanover at the EuroBLECH trade show, October 21 – 25, 2014 in hall 11, booth D06

At our booth we will demonstrate how you can stay ahead of your competition with diverse know-how, futuristic products, outstanding engineering competence and extensive service support.


  • Press Brakes

    Variable-Speed Drives for Press Brakes and Drawing Presses

    Press Brakes

    Rexroth offers a great variety of ready-to-mount and checked function modules for press brakes. With our components, we enable customers to realize hydraulic or electrical installations of any size.

    At the EuroBLECH 2014, Rexroth will be presenting a fully functional and transparent press brake equipped with a variable-speed pump drive, which excels with its outstanding cost- and energy-efficiency.

    We will also be demonstrating an electro-mechanical solution in the form of a press brake axis with a 75x20 mm planetary screw drive. Its high load capacity and axial stiffness ensure a long operational life span. Combined with a servo motor and drive controller, the user gets a very powerful and extraordinarily compact mechatronic unit from one source.

  • Draw Cushion Axes

    Innovative Draw Cushion Axes

    Draw Cushion Axes

    For mechanical presses and servo presses, Rexroth offers a system with a highly dynamic and energy-efficient HD/ND switch and energy recovery during the drawing process. This technology is being used in the tested, ready-to-mount plug-and-run cylinder axis.

    The modular draw cushion axes are completed by intelligent hydraulic power units and the open, scalable IndraMotion MLC control system.

    With the HD/ND system and energy recovery via displacement systems during the drawing process, it is possible to reduce the installed power by 50 percent. Cooling system, cooling circuit and tank can also be reduced in size by 50 percent. This helps to minimize the total cost of ownership.

  • Servo Presses

    Unique Main Drives for Servo Presses

    Servo Presses

    The new system consisting of an asynchronous motor with flywheel and the axial piston pump A4 drives a hydraulic radial piston motor. The drive speed of the radial piston motor can be adjusted steplessly at full torque.

    During the braking process (press ram), the resulting energy can be stored in the flywheel and used for acceleration. This facilitates a significant reduction of the required electrical motor power.

    Controllers capable of recovering energy also allow the energy exchange with other loads such as a drawing cushion system and thus help to further reduce the overall energy consumption.

  • Self-contained Axis

    Self-contained Hydraulic Servo Axis in an Assembly Press

    Self-contained Axis

    With Rexroth’s self-contained axis, it is easy to realize machine solutions according to a modular concept. The system for hydraulic linear movements consists of a ready-to-mount module with an integrated and completely closed fluid loop, a control block with digital valves and a hydraulic cylinder.

    A variable-speed pump drive from the Sytronix family provides the necessary power. The self-contained axis only requires a power connection and communicates with the higher level control system via a multi-ethernet interface.

    At the trade fair, Rexroth will be presenting the self-contained axis within the framework of an intelligent and economical cell concept.