Semicon West 2014

Semicon West 2014

Precise, flexible, efficient – automation solutions for the semiconductor industry

To stay ahead of your competitors in today's rapidly changing market, you need fully-automated, high-precision processes in the microelectronics supply chain - from electronic design automation to device fabrication and final manufacturing. Our complete range of drive and control technologies can help you build the right solution to accelerate time to market and enhance your competitive edge.

You will find the world´s largest automation technology portfolio for Semiconductor and Electronics at the SEMICON West in San Francisco, South Hall Booth 1717, from July 8 – 10, 2014.

We´ll show you our innovative Active Vibration Damping system to reduce mechanical and product vibration. You will also discover our mechatronic modules designed for smooth motion during wafer handling as well as non-contact material for the process chambers and a higher level of nano-meter scale positioning accuracy. Benefit from our longstanding expertise in automation processes and from our cross-technological engineering experience.


  • Particle-free transport

    Linear Motion System

    Particle-free transport

    Semiconductor processes can require particle-free transport, they need powerful application solutions specifically designed for such highly sensitive processing conditions. Rexroth’s Linear Motion System moves substrates through the process chambers without any mechanical links to the drive unit mounted outside the vacuum chamber

    All electrical components are mounted outside the process chamber. There is no need for seals. The scalable solution platform is suitable for nearly all transport weights, distances and motion profiles. Thus, the concept helps to significantly simplify the construction of the machine.

  • Motion Control System

    NYCe 4000 - modular, compact and cost saving

    Motion Control System

    Bosch Rexroth has extended its range of motion control systems with new versions of the NYCe 4000 – the rugged, functional and compact multi-axis industrial motion control system, with integrated drive technology. NYCe 4000 and NYCe 4000 LMS control complex equipment and are offered in a single unit that significantly reduces space requirements and cabling, cutting system and integration costs. It also extends machine availability and greatly improves serviceability.

    Designed to meet complex requirements, combined with simplicity of operation, the modular architecture allows fast and error free design-in.

  • Roll-to-Roll Processing

    Multiple web tension control

    Roll-to-Roll Processing

    Roll-to-roll processing is the pivotal application for microelectronics manufacturing. Crucial factors are a consistent web tension as well as high-precision, quality-oriented and safe processes at a speed of more than 200 meters per second.

    Our demonstration system shows you how we can help you achieve this objective by means of highly dynamic tension control. Learn how the perfect synchronization of different print and converter units facilitates efficient processing. Bosch Rexroth’s Motion Logic Control MLC, with its great variety of pre-defined technological functionalities reduces the engineering effort by up to 40 percent.

    A further highlight of the system is the integration of sophisticated laser machining, which facilitates the handling of many processing tasks on the fly.

  • Open Core Engineering

    Unprecedented freedom with Open Core Engineering

    For the first time, Open Core Engineering allows you to achieve custom machine functionalities with real-time access by enabling programming with high-level languages. How did we make this possible? We opened the control core for extended access and developed a new interface technology. As a result, it is now possible to achieve connection to LabView and MatLab without implementing a single line of PLC code. With Open Core Engineering, you can also simplify the handling and diagnosis of your machines by integrating tablet PCs and smart phones into your concepts. It's easy to create smart device applications for your preferred target platform and thus facilitate wireless access to the control system with the various operating functions of those devices.