SPS IPC Drives 2014


Automation Focusing on Connected Industry

The keyword “Connected Industry“ has been dominating the recent public discussion on the production processes of tomorrow – the aim is to make mechanical engineering and construction even more productive and efficient. In this context, modern software technologies and comprehensive data networking during manufacturing play an important role.

Bosch Rexroth has its sights firmly set on “Connected Industry” and already offers a broad variety of solutions for you to prepare the engineering and production processes in your plants for the imminent changes. The huge advantage of our approach is the tight interconnection between software-based products and state-of-the-art automation components.
One key element in our portfolio is the Open Core Engineering platform, which allows to closely connect PLC and IT automation via our interface technology Open Core Interface.

This solution is one of the main features of our presentation at this year’s SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg.

Please visit us from November, 25 - 27, 2014 in Nuremberg at the trade fair SPS IPC Drives in hall 7, booth 450

Experience how you can prepare your plant for Connected Industry already today with reasonable costs. Benefit from our year-long experience with custom-tailored drive & control components for your requirements.


  • Open Core Engineering

    Open Core Engineering – Freedom and efficiency redefined

    Open Core Engineering

    Open Core Engineering is progressing continuously and offers new functions to increase efficiency in engineering. For the control system IndraMotion MLC the OPC UA information model has been expanded. The server provides you with all important control data in an object-oriented and semantically linked manner. Applications can be created not only by way of PLC programming but also with the script language Lua which only requires a simple text editor for programming.

    JavaVM is installed on the IndraMotion MLC control and enables the use of existing frameworks and the integration of IT applications. Open Core Interface supports Model-based Engineering with Simulink and Modelica for a faster implementation of machine concepts.The web-based communication platform WebConnector combines applications via WebSockets with controls and drives by Rexroth or 3rd party suppliers.

  • IndraMotion MLC

    IndraMotion MLC - Motion logic system on IPC

    IndraMotion MLC on IPC

    With IndraMotion MLC 14VRS Rexroth is now offering a motion-logic system for the IPC platform IndraControl VPB in the control cabinet. With little effort machine manufacturers can configure this robust and powerful hardware platform individually for each customer via PCIe cards. A subordinate hypervisor distributes the Box-PC‘s resources to the motion-logic system IndraMotion MLC and Windows 7. This enables the PLC and HMI applications to be run on the same hardware. Along with the engineering-tool IndraWorks and the automation bus Sercos, this platform is the perfect solution for controlling machines, collecting data and many other tasks concerning automation.

  • IndraDrive Mi

    IndraDrive Mi – Cabinet space savings of up to 100 percent

    IndraDrive Mi

    The intelligent drive system IndraDrive Mi relocates the complete drive technology including supply and mains modules from the cabinet directly into the machine. This saves space, reduces cabling up to 90% and optimizes your energy balance. Additionally, the cooling of the control cabinet is reduced by up to 100%. Ethernet-based communication, integrated motion-logic and certified safety functions turn the IndraDrive Mi into a complete automation system. Use its flexibility and intelligence to get started with Connected Industry.

  • EFC 3610/5610

    EFC 3610 and EFC 5610 – Universally applicable frequency converters


    Rexroth expands its range of services by introducing the new frequency converters EFC 3610 and EFC 5610, which can cover applications of up to 18.5 kW. These frequency converters can be used for applications that require high overload capacity as well as those needing high continuous power. Additionally, the EFC 5610 offers an exceptionally powerful vector control. Top-hat rail assembly, comfortable connection technology with plug-in terminals and extremely easy parameterization via on-board display allow for fast and simple commissioning. These drives are preferably used for pumps, compressors and ventilation, conveyor equipment, agitators and mixers.

  • MS2N

    IndraDyn S – Synchronous servo motors MS2N with maximum dynamics

    IndraDyn S - MS2N

    MS2N, the new powerful synchronous servo motors, offer maximum dynamics and exceptional compactness. Both torque density as well as energy efficiency have been increased significantly due to the optimized electromagnetic design. With their high overload capacity on the one hand and low rotor inertia on the other hand, these motors are especially suited for highly dynamic positioning tasks. The usable torque-speed range is additionally increased by the field weakening operation, which is available with IndraDrive control devices. The variable connection technology (single- or dual-cable connection), two encoder performance levels (singleturn and multiturn) and optional air cooling make these motors suitable for almost every application in automation.

  • HMC

    HMC - 1-axis controller for hydraulic drives


    In increasingly networked production environments to Industry 4.0, centralized intelligent axes are the future. Provided they can communicate via open interfaces with higher-level systems. The new Hydraulic Motion Control

    HMC from Rexroth meets this essential requirement. The future-proof 1-axis controller for hydraulic drives with multi-Ethernet and multi-encoder interfaces as well as PLC programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3 dovetails a wide variety of concepts.