Stage Set Scenery 2017

Stage Set Scenery

Stage Technology in Motion – Be Part of it

Hall 21B, Booth 405

All the world’s stages have long become high-tech stages with sophisticated technology. The degrees of dramatic freedom are constantly being extended and continue to enchant the audience. Whether new construction, considerable modernization or targeted retrofitting: Bosch Rexroth is your competent project partner for safe all-round solutions – from project planning and installation right down to transferring with certified safety. We make use of electrical engineering, hydraulics, control technology and software with intelligent assistance to create tailor-made solutions for your stage.

Visit us at the Stage Set Scenery 2017 from June 20th – June 22nd in hall 21B, booth 405.


  • Safety

    Safe winch drives


    Particularly in the field of powerful winches, the dynamic effects in case of potential malfunctions have too seldom been the focus of critical and technical evaluations. Both public discussion about this topic and a specialist approach towards it have only slowly become serious issues over the last few years. Occasionally, the relevance of this problem is still questioned even today.

    However, numerous measurements at existing systems show a different reality: The relevant loads are clearly higher than the ones shown, which leads to real hazards for actors and stage technicians.

    With its mobile “Stage Guard” measuring device, Rexroth offers a practical aid for the accurate measurement of forces. If the actual forces exceed the forces expected during the planning phase, Rexroth offers direct solutions for all types of dynamic winches: The “Load Limiter” ensures safe and reliable limitation of occurring forces to the design criterion of “twice the nominal load”.

  • Efficiency

    Functional Safety


    The SYB 3.0 system solution offers maximum safety in every configuration in compliance with Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3), according to EN 61508 and additional international standards.

    While other specialists are still engaged in controversial discussions on general questions around the topic of functional safety, Bosch Rexroth is already setting new standards. Safety on stages is not negotiable but is rather the result of comprehensive risk assessments, to apply an appropriate scope of safety functions and to counter all existing risks. Besides the Safety Integrity Level, the Performance Level (PLe) of safety-relevant components does also play a decisive role and is becoming more and more important for realization of comprehensive safety assessments.

    In addition to a safe architecture, Rexroth applies innovative software functions for increased safety levels. Motions are automatically monitored by a collision assistant according to the geometrical data of stage equipment and decorations. If there is a risk of collision due to a modification in programming, the assistant issues a warning in good time before the motion is initiated, to prevent the occurrence of any dangerous situations.

  • Availability

    Complete solutions from one single source


    For more than 40 years, Rexroth has been active in the fields of project planning, design and realization of automatic stage equipment of all dimensions. Projects are organized and managed by a fixed team of specialists with a pool of experience over the entire project time line. As a manufacturer of electrical and hydraulic drives as well as of control systems with dedicated stage software, Rexroth configures solutions from a single source with perfectly coordinated interfaces. The SYB3.0 stage control system with its 21 SIL3-certified monitoring functions forms the heart of the installation where safety is concerned. Independent of the drive type, all axes in the installation are intuitively and continuously programmed by the operator at innovative multi-touch SCIV control panels. Exceeding the scope of new constructions, Rexroth also offers modernization of installed machinery – also in the very tight time frames between performances. With tailor-made services ranging from the quick supply of spare parts to condition monitoring and remote diagnostics, Rexroth offers support for your automatic stage system over its entire life cycle.

  • Lecture by Volker Kirsch

    Lecture by Volker Kirsch on Tuesday, June 20st 2017

    11:00 – 11:45 a.m.

    Stage Guard & Load Limiter

    Stepping SAFELY from Theory into daily Practice