Tire Technology EXPO 2020

Tire Technology Expo 2020 – February 25th – 27th

Tire Technology Expo 2020 – February 25th – 27th

Bosch Rexroth at Tire Technology Expo
Hall 21, Booth 9026

Tomorrow in the now

We don’t ask that you look to the future. On the contrary, we integrate the future into today’s customer solutions for the rubber industry. You have access to a service organization that’s prepared here and now, so that it’s always ready for the unexpected tomorrow might bring.

You can find the opportunities of the future already within your rubber equipment, with modularity bringing ample possibilities to modernize and upgrade. And through connectivity, you can literally see the future in the present, allowing you to take the right actions before it comes about.

Woven into all our solutions is a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability – because a better future is shaped by improvements today.

Visit us at Tire Technology hall 21 booth 9026 to learn more about how we help rubber industry stay productive.




The safety and health of all employees, customers, partners and guests is a top priority for Deutsche Messe. We are therefore in constant and close contact with the responsible health authorities. Recommendations and instructions from the authorities are implemented.

For a more objective discussion of Covid-19 we refer to the websites of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

According to the assessment of the Robert Koch Institute and the Hannover Region Health Department responsible for Deutsche Messe, the risk of infection in Germany is very low.

Regardless of the current situation, Deutsche Messe already offers a high standard of hygiene, safety and medical care.

Despite the very low risk, Deutsche Messe will increase cleaning measures for heavily frequented areas (entrances, door handles, escalators, etc.). For example, additional disinfectant dispensers will be set up on the exhibition grounds. During events, medical personnel trained in infectious diseases will also be on hand on the exhibition grounds.

Deutsche Messe has a well-established emergency management system and experience from previous special situations. A task force reassesses the current situation daily, a close exchange with the health authorities is maintained and possible measures are planned and implemented accordingly.