Automated material handling equipment enables efficient and safe handling


You aim to achieve the highest levels of productivity, availability and operational safety for your automated material handling systems – and Bosch Rexroth’s modular solutions for efficient and safe material handling do just that.

All components, such as electric drives and linear motion systems, are perfectly matched with one another and always provide precise positioning with high dynamics. The innovative motion logic systems minimize cycle times and accelerate your processes. Many functions are already predefined, thus reducing the programming effort.



  • Optimally matched linear systems and electric drives
  • Highest precision and positioning accuracy
  • Safe and efficient processes
  • Rapid implementation of application-oriented solutions


  • Electric drives and controls
  • Linear motion technology
  • Pneumatics
  • EasyHandling building system


  • High productivity
  • High availability
  • Reduced idle times through standardized configurations for common handling tasks
  • High rigidity and smooth motion due to high-dynamic drive technology
  • Build machines faster thanks to delivery of complete drive units (mechanics, motors and control units)