Assembly Technology


In Assembly Technology, products designed to interact perfectly with one another allow you to build extremely economical systems. From ergonomic manual workstations to highly automated production lines, we offer you the ultimate “assembly experience” for your manufacturing operations.

Profiled rail systems and linear bushings and shafts for production assembly systems.

Powerful chain conveyor systems

Chain conveyor systems from Bosch Rexroth achieve a tensile force of up to 1,250 N and can be very easily adapted to specific tasks within production assembly systems. Furthermore, they are among the most economical solutions on the market in terms of purchase price and operating costs.

Large variety of transfer and identification systems for production assembly systems

Large variety of transfer and identification systems

Bosch Rexroth dual belt and accumulation roller systems can handle weights from a few grams up to 300 kg. Identification systems recognize and store object-related data, thus assuring optimally managed production and conveying processes.

Manual production systems enable lean production in production assembly systems.

Manual production systems

Avoidance of waste is a major goal for any modern production facility. Bosch Rexroth’s manual production systems were developed strictly according to the principles of lean production. They enable simple and quick planning and realization of efficient production systems.

Basic mechanical elements for production assembly systems

Basic mechanical elements

With well over 100 different strut profiles, Bosch Rexroth offers you the world's most comprehensive framing system for basic constructions such as racks, enclosures, workbenches or protective barriers. Lightweight, well designed aluminum components reduce the planning and assembly cost and effort and can be easily re-used or re-configured.