Linear Motion Technology


Reliable guidance and precise positioning: Our comprehensive range of profiled rail systems, linear bushings and shafts, ball screw assemblies, and linear modules offers a diversity and functionality that is unique anywhere in the world.

Electric and pneumatic linear modules are a key part of our linear motion technology offering.

Electric and pneumatic linear modules

Providing maximum power and flexibility through ultra-compact design, the electric linear modules with ball screw or toothed belt drive combine low overall height with high travel speed, precision and smooth operation. Accurate positioning of heavy loads is achieved by space-saving, rodless pneumatic cylinders with their unique stability and mechanical strength.

Our precision multi-axis systems for linear motion technology allow speeds up to 1.0 m/s.

Precision multi-axis systems

One, two or three-axis solutions for speeds of up to 1.0 m/s and acceleration up to 15 m/s² provide the highest possible efficiency and productivity. With a positioning accuracy of up to 0.01 mm and a repeatability of up to 0.005 mm per axis, multi-axis systems from Bosch Rexroth deliver unmatched precision.

Profiled rail systems and linear bushings and shafts add precision and dynamics to linear motion technology.

Profiled rail systems and linear bushings and shafts

Precision, dynamics and durability for any desired motion task in any conceivable environment. Profiled rail systems and shaft-mounted linear bushings are the basis for precise machine movements and machining processes of all kinds. Gain that all-important competitive edge with the amazing flexibility we provide through standardized dimensions, combinability and interchangeability.

Accuracy and high speed are crucial in linear motion technology, our screw drives deliver both.

Screw drives

High accuracy and high speed are the characterizing features of Rexroth’s screw drives. A broad selection of different design styles and accessories covers all your requirements in terms of thrust, positioning and transport.