System solutions


The right tightening system for every tightening application

Handheld, hand-guided, semi or fully automatic – electric tightening systems from Bosch Rexroth are the efficient and flexible solution for your production needs.

Hand-guided tightening tools are ideal for hard to reach places.

Handheld tightening tools

  • Ideal solution for low throughput
  • Highest level of flexibility, accommodating frequent product changes or allowing access to hard to reach applications
  • Many motor/output options available, easily expandable

Semi-automatic tightening station are a safe option for complex operations.

Hand-guided tightening tools

  • Ideal for applications where automation is not feasible due to complexity
  • Variety of handling equipment available to absorb torque reaction and improve ergonomics
  • Options include multiple spindle integration - provides synchronized tightening or improved cycle rates
Semi-automatic tightening station are a safe option for complex operations.

Semi-automatic tightening station

  • Optimal for complex multi spindle applications where a fully automatic approach is not appropriate.
  • Fully automatic fastening
  • Manual part loading and operation
  • Provides protection for workers via dual trigger start, guarding, or light curtains

Fully automatic tightening stations facilitate high speed and volume.

Fully automatic tightening station

  • Highest level of automation for high speed and high volume production
  • Ideal for stations with automatic bolt feed and transfer, no operator needed
  • Perfect for complex applications and capable of automatic rework