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Performance and openness whatever the platform is

Using state-of-the-art PLC technology, MLC provides the perfect foundation for intelligent automation of production machinery and equipment: motion, robot and logic control joins forces with technological functions to form a high-performance system. This allows for both fast I/O signal processing and highly dynamic motion control tasks – not to mention with up to 99 axes using a single control.

Freedom and efficiency redefined

Open Core Engineering from Rexroth significantly increases the engineering efficiency and offers an unparalleled degree of freedom, flexibility and efficiency in automation.

Cabinet-free robot cell for maximum flexibility

IndraDrive Mi servo drives are ideally suited for completely cabinet-free machine concepts. That makes it easy to install and set up. Connected directly to power grid, modular robot cell construction can enable plant engineers to fl exibly arrange the latest machine equipment for maximum product output.

Optimized footprint robot application

Cama Group: New generation of powerful secondary packaging machines with Drive&Control solution from Rexroth

CAMA - Variety Packs perfectly packaged


Bosch Rexroth – Your experienced partner in high end robotics

Motion control system MLC for robot applications

Dedicated to several target industry sectors we offer our system solution of HMI, robot and motion control, servo drives and motors for robot applications. Capable to control a wide range of different kinematics, the MLC control system integrates all motion, robot and logic control functions needed. Fast, easy and transparent data access and common share of all process data lead to precise path calculation and perfect synchronization of all movements.

Efficient engineering in robotics

For successful robotics implementation we offer dialog based configuration tools. Move your robot for initial commissioning without any programming. In MLC, robot programming can be achieved also via PLCopen function blocks in standard IEC61131-3. Even user defined robot transformations are implemented directly. Generating PLC code by use of wizards, helps to automatically design reusable and modular robotic applications software. Open Core Engineering provides future proof programming technology, with simple sequential or high level languages (Lua, C/C++, Java or C#). Run the application in realtime simulation mode, to center the attention on process engineering. Optimize your robot system for smooth operation and secure the customers production targets.

Camera system integration

A robot without proper vision system integration is blind and useless in changing environments. To productively use the equipment, the selected vision system is fully integrated into automation environment. For fastest processing of vision data and movement calculation, you take advantage of the high bandwidth Sercos or Ethernet connection to the MLC. Synchronization to moving pick position on product belts are precisely realized at highest pick rates.

Automation solutions for robotics – applications and highlights


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Flexibility in type of kinematics Flexibility in type of kinematics

Flexibility in type of kinematics

Easy Engineering with Industry Specific Technology Functions Our ready-to-use motion libraries and predefined technology functions help you to realize extensive and sophisticated applications. Integrate these features into your application with the engineering framework IndraWorks and accelerate the configuration and paramerization of your whole machine.

Connected Automation Connected Automation

Connected Automation

We move everything: Let Bosch Rexroth help you connect to Industry 4.0. Now! Bosch Rexroth is driving the next industrial revolution as a leading automation supplier and manufacturing company. With a huge automation portfolio and production experience from our own plants worldwide, we can off er leading automation and manufacturing solutions – from single piece to high volume production. Connected automation in manufacturing leads to a faster and more fl exible production process, greater effi ciency of material, and reduction of complexity and downtime.