Double Spiral Conveyor -
lots of possibilities!


As a global supplier of different automation solutions B&B Automation s.r.l., Italy, has established itself as a best in class solution provider for customers from different industry sectors. In cooperation with Rexroth, B&B Automation developed a technological novelty: the double spiral conveyor, which operates on two parallel lanes, where products go up on a track and go down on the other.



  • VarioFlow chain for maximum efficiency in product handling
  • VarioFlow drive unit for perfect motion sequences
  • VarioFlow product guides for safe and comfortable product handling

Tough Application

Chamber and support of aluminium profiles; low-friction sliding chain

Ingenious solution

Low-friction system, with standard Rexroth VarioFlow chain


"This project allows us and Bosch Rexroth to show the strength of the partnership and innovation capacity."
Marco Bellini,
Owner and Automation Engineering Manager