Visual Inspection and Leak Detection for Ampoules and Vials


The Bosch Inspection Technology AIM 3000 is a platform for combined visual inspection and high voltage leak detection. The machine inspects Vials and Ampoules at outputs of up to 400 containers per minute. The contained solutions and suspensions are checked with high-resolution CMOS camera with a high-speed interface for particle and cosmetic defects. The platform can be customized by adding HVLD (high voltage leakage detection) module.



  • High Performance controller MLC
  • Standardized automation programming with Generic Application Template (GAT)
  • Synchronized servo drives IndraDrive Cs
  • HMI hardware in customer specific design

Tough Application

Automation of a new Inspection machine for Vials and Ampoules. Synchronisation of several servo drives, integration of diverse sub systems. 100% process control.

Ingenious solution

Automation with MLC for highest performance and process stability.


Exact synchronization and stable process play a major role to reach highest inspection performance. Using Rexroth automation solutions enables us to shorten the development time and meet the challenging requirements we set for our inspection machines."

Mahmoud Hamada

Business Development Manager Bosch Packaging Technology