Exterior washing of Ampoules,
Cartridges and Vials


The Bosch Packaging RAN 3080 is an exterior washing machine for Vials, Cartridges and Ampoules for high pressure cleaning with adaptable cleaning process. High flexibility is given in usage of up to 3 different media, and parameterization of movement to cleaning positions. Combined with flexible cleaning duration the highest quality in removing of product residues is ensured, since safety of employees and patients is very important for highly potential pharmaceuticals. With the two turntable concept and separated cleaning and trying area, the machine can perform cleaning of up to 400 containers per minute.



  • High Performance controller MLC
  • Standardized automation programming with Generic Application Template (GAT)
  • Synchronized servo drives IndraDrive Cs
  • HMI hardware in customer specific design

Tough Application

Automation of a new washing machine for Vials, Cartidges and Ampoules. Synchronized servo drives, integration of diverse sub systems. 100% process control.

Ingenious solution

Automation with MLC for highest performance and process stability.


Using the Rexroth automation platform within this complex development project gave us the possibility to create a new machine which sets a completely new technical standard in fields of exterior cleaning.”

Tobias Goettler

Bosch Packaging Technology, Business Development Pharma Liquid