Flexible Automation for Everyone


Bosch Packaging Technology, situated in Waiblingen, Germany, brought 40 years of deep-drawing experience into the development of the thermoforming machine TFC and especially turned its attention to the operating height, accessibility and hygienic design. The TFC is based on a consistent automation concept by Bosch Rexroth, which allows for signifi cantly faster format adjustments during product changes.



  • Open Core Engineering for increased efficiency thanks to automatic code generation with the GAT function toolkit
  • Motion control system MLCfor format adjustments at the push of a button
  • Direct drive technology for the exact positioning of tools

Tough Application

Development of an automation solution for a patented in-mould labeling system

Ingenious solution

Compact servo-motors and drives for a complete functional unit, direct drive technology for a form carousel


"Thanks to Rexroth's direct drive technology we are able to accomplish exact positioning without using a gear unit. This helps us to reduce material wear und allows for increased machine availability."
Uwe Stroinski,
Head of Project Management
Thermoform Machines