Miray - the future
high speed single-head capper


CMI, Italy, designs and builds machinery for bottling, capping, labeling and case-packing throughout the industrial process, from the arrival of the liquid at the plant to its display at the point-of-sale. In cooperation with Rexroth, CMI developed Miray, a completely automatic single-head capper that can be installed on pre-existing packaging lines. The machine is suitable for bottle closure using a vast array of caps.



  • Open Core Engineering with the function toolkit FlexProfile for cam profile calculation, synchronized motion and machine logic programming
  • IndraDrive Cs compact servo drives for high performance applications with integrated safety functions
  • Electromechanical Cylinders EMC as integrated actuators for linear movements

Tough Application

Enabling easy and ultra-high speed format changeover in different filling and capping applications

Ingenious solution

Open Core Engineering and IndraDrive synchronized motion and cams during all phases and in all process modes, obtaining output rates at least 40 percent faster


"Creating Miray was at the same time a great challenge and a successful team effort. Rexroth operated with openness and profound technical skill."
Franco Comoli,
Managing Director