High-Speed horizontal packaging -
easy changeover


Eiahe systems from China is a leading company of packaging system integration, with business relationship in more than 50 countries and regions. They serve numbers of leading brand industries in the world and cooperate with Bosch Rexroth due to powerful motion control and good service.



  • IndraDrive on board probe function for increased the precision of film positioning
  • Open Core Engineering with the function toolkit FlexProfile for smooth moving and short time for products changeover
  • 4EE for maximal energy efficiency

Tough Application

Higher precision of film positioning with higher speed and lower noise

Ingenious solution

With drive probe function and FlexProfile, the speed of machine is increased to 140 pic per minute with less than 0.5 mm film positioning deviation


"This project qualifies Rexroth as our high quality system supplier and we will continue to cooperate with Bosch Rexroth in high level machine generation."
Yummy Liu,
Senior Project Manager