Fully integrated
Highest reliability


The company M.F., Italy, has a globally networked development approach, in order to be always able to satisfy all the different needs of the customer in the different markets: foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. In cooperation with Rexroth, M.F. developed the fastest vertical packaging machine, which also stands out with its easy configurability and efficient operation of the components.



  • Open Core Engineering for total connectivity to IT technology and easy integration of diagnosis apps on smart devices
  • Cabinet-free IndraDrive Mi for cabinet-free machine layout, including safety functions on-board
  • HMI multi touch display for new ways of interfacing with great visualizing features

Tough Application

Integration of all components of the automation platform in the easiest configuration possible

Ingenious solution

Achieved higher cycle speed and by this higher productivity. Format changes with maximum reduction of waste. More precision in the details


"Innovation is our priority and Rexroth is our partner to achieve this."
Andrea Coccia,
Sales Department Manager