New way of robot interaction


Penta Robotics B.V., Netherlands, has developed in close cooperation with universities the ‘Veloce’, a modular construction and a unique rotation drive solution, as a remarkable flexible device with less wear and tear, better performance and lower maintenance costs. Rexroth provides the complete automation solution for outstanding cycle performance, precision and belt synchronization. The parallel robot is controlled completely by a smart device.



  • Open Core Engineering with the Open Core Interface for direct access to the robot control with a smart device
  • Open Core Engineering with the Function Toolkit Robot Control
  • Motion control system MLC, IndraDrive Cs servo drives and synchronous servo motor S for precise path interpolation, blending and belt synchronization of the robot

Tough Application

Improve the user experience of an industrial robot for pick and place applications

Ingenious solution

Open Core Engineering allows access to the robot control with smart devices. They create a completely new way of user interaction with the parallel robot


"We reach a new level of robot interaction thanks to the Open Core Engineering from Rexroth."
Sebastiaan van Dijk,