Delta Robots - Revolving
Design for higher Performance


A team of the Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, developed a revolving driven delta robot for high-speed applications. Compared to the conventional pivoting system, the robot can provide 25 percent higher speed and allows for 50 percent higher loads. Within a start-up oriented background the research team has set new standards based on the Rexroth automation system MLC and engineering support.



  • Open Core Engineering with the function toolkit Robot Control for efficient and fast engineering
  • MLC, the motion logic controller for the accurate interpolation of the robot's path movement

Tough Application

Powerful solution for delta robots with fast and precise drives

Ingenious solution

Complete automation with MLC for optimal performance and improved energy efficiency


"Thanks to Rexroth's professional support we were able to quickly realize our innovative idea."
Michael Döring,
Team Leader Motion