Rovema puts its trust in a drive solution from Rexroth

Marginal Column

Tough application

Compact servo driven picker module without a control cabinet.

Ingenious solution

IndraDrive Mi power and mains modules in IP65 for direct connection to the supply network.


“Thanks to the cabinet free servo drive technology from Rexroth, we have been able to make our picker module even more compact and realize it without a conventional control cabinet entirely. There are now no limits to modularity.”

Siegfried Wacker, Rovema


New picker module: no control cabinet and completely modular

What was a far-off dream half a year ago has now become reality for machine manufacturer Rovema GmbH. At FachPack 2015, the company will be presenting its first-ever picker module without the usual control cabinet. Instead, Rovema is implementing entirely cabinet free servo drive technology from Rexroth. To thoroughly do away with the control cabinet, the company is using the new mains and power supply modules for the very first time.

The newly developed picker module from Rovema turns the tubular bag machine BVC180 with integrated scale into a compact packaging line, making it ideal for putting confectionery, pastries and cookies in packs ready for the shelf. The bags are guided to the picker module by an infeed belt, picked up by vacuum grippers and positioned in the tray according to a defined scheme.

Power supply without a control cabinet? No problem at all!

Rovema has implemented IP65 cabinet free drive technology IndraDrive Mi throughout its picker module. The entire drive system was thus integrated directly into the machine.

Highlight is the cabinet free power supply, which consists of mains and power module. The decentralized mains module includes a mains filter, choke and contactor and is connected directly to the power grid. The regenerative power module contains the control electronics, brake resistor and brake transistor. The system is installed directly on the picker module and replaces the power supply and control electronics, which were mounted in a separate control cabinet before.

For the delta kinematic pivoting arms, rotary axis, infeed belt and carton transport system, Rovema has fitted the “near motor” IP65 servo drives from the IndraDrive Mi selection. As a result, the picker module does not require a single cabinet for the entire servo drive system, making the system as compact as possible. What's more, the absence of a control cabinet makes the new picker module in its modular line design extremely flexible. End users can add additional servo axis and optimally adapt the lines to suit the output quantities required, with an absolute minimum of wiring and mounting effort.