60 Cardboard Boxes per Minute
with Maximum Flexibility


Schäfer & Flottmann is specialized in the automation of packaging and commissioning tasks in the food and non-food sectors – dealing with the transfer from the production line and the arrangement of mixed assortments with following fully automated packaging and palletizing. The high-performance Carton Erector SFS 350 automatically produces cardboard boxes from the flat blank. The boxes are being filled in the next step.



  • MLC for maximum performance and flexibility
  • Open Core Engineering for increased efficiency thanks to preprogrammed function blocks
  • Cabinet-free IndraDrive Mi including "Safety on Board" for compact machines with minimized cabinet space

Tough Application

Development of a fully automated, compact, highi-performance carton erector with maximum format flexibility and an output of 60 cardboard boxes per minute

Ingenious solution

Complete automation with MLC for maximum flexibility and consistent use of IndraDrive Mi


"Compact and maintenance-free cabinet, operating without a fan. Quick connection of drives. Quick commissioning. Regenerative braking."
Martin Litzinger,
Team Leader Electrical Design