Packaging Machine
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Tough application

Realize output in packaging production with higher cycle speed, increased processing efficiency in the shortest possible time to market

Ingenious solution

50% higher productivity at the minimum - quickly realized with prefabricated drive and control functionalities


"This project qualifies Bosch Rexroth as our system partner for future machine generations."

Heinrich Peitz, Weyhmüller

Solved with

  • Open Core Engineering for increased efficiency with prefabricated functionality packages
  • FlexProfile for perfect motion sequences and automatic code generation
  • 4EE for maximal energy efficiency

Weyhmüller: Increased Cycle Speed and Fast Time-to-Market

The Fastest Packaging Machine Realized in Record Time

As a supplier of ice cream cone winding machines and machine solutions for ice cream packaging, Weyhmüller Verpackungstechnik GmbH from Neu-Ulm, Germany, has established itself as the world market leader. In cooperation with Rexroth, Weyhmüller developed the world’s fastest machine for squeezer tubes, which also stands out with its easy configurability and resource-efficient operation.

The production of ice cream packaging has to accommodate significant seasonal fluctuations and provide large amounts of packaging units for fresh ice cream on short notice. The central requirement therefore is a fast, flexible and economical solution for the production of squeezer tubes.


Time to Market at its Best

Bosch Rexroth has proved to be the ideal partner for Weyhmüller: The experienced branch specialist for efficiency-optimized production processes is capable of realizing future-proof, customer-specific machine solutions with prefabricated drive and control functionalities very quickly and cost-efficiently. Motion sequences are being created with the software tool Cam Builder very easily via mouse and transferred into programme code with FlexProfile – time-consuming and error-prone manual programming is no longer required. For the linear motion Rexroth chose a combination of servo drives with complete linear motion systems significantly reducing the effort required for design and assembly. Lightweight feed modules enabled Rexroth to realize high level dynamics using a lower drive output.

Higher Productivity - Less Energy Use

With the machine developed by Weyhmüller and Rexroth the cycle speed can be increased by more the 50 percent from 90 packaging units to 140 units per minute. Although the new machine allows for increased productivity, it uses less energy than its preceding generation, thanks to the Rexroth 4EE system , which takes advantage of all energy efficiency potentials.

The efficient and successful collaboration has convinced Weyhmüller. Rexroth has qualified itself as a system partner for future projects .